Personalized, not pre-made.

The EXERPRISE app combines years of experience and AI to generate UNIQUE WORKOUTS & MEAL PLANS that fit your life.

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Personalized, not pre-made.

The EXERPRISE app combines years of experience and AI to generate UNIQUE WORKOUTS & MEAL PLANS that fit your life.

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Exerprise is an all-in-one health app that uses AI Technology to

Get Unique Workouts

Custom Meal Plans

Calculate Calories

Personalized, not pre-made.

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For Exercises

  1. Select the Muscle Group you want to target
  2. Check Available Equipment or Bodyweight
  3. Choose Desired Intervals, Sets, or Reps
  4. Determine Workout Length

For Meal Plan

  1. Specify your Caloric Maintainance
  2. Input your Goal Calories
  3. Set your desired Macro Nutrients
  4. Choose how many Meals Per Day

Gym Membership   $60/month
Personal Trainer   $50/session
Personal Nutritionist   $100/hour

$14.99/per month for premium access.


Neo Freeman

Brilliant application. Cheers to anabolic aliens. The slogan is you choose, we will create. The description could not be any clearer. You choose the body part/s, equipmemt you have available and boom. A workout designed for you. Great for workout from home, for beginners and intermediates. I wish i could double or triple my circuit, as per my ability.


D Grant

I have had been using this app for about a year, and it has been extremely useful for me. There are a wide variety of exercise options for each body part, and the equipment options are excellent for optimizing workouts no matter what equipment is available.I really love this app for its variety and versatility, and this app is worth downloading even without paying for the full version.


Milad Faiz

I love this app. Really well built and easy to use. I'd recommend to everyone. My only issue is sometimes I am rushing in between exercises to set up my equipment. For example, I use resistance bands and I often need to change the angle after exercises and it doesn't let me really enjoy my rest time. But this is me being difficult


Terry Linzmeier

Easily the best app I've found out there for these types of workouts. I wanted something simple that allowed me to select the type of equipment I had at home and this is perfect. A little more randomness in the routines would be good and it would be nice if they showed the "how to" portion for the next workouts during the pauses but those are small gripes.


Dockc 468

Very solid, the free program for generating workouts is really incredible! It's easy to use, adjust, and has plenty of alternative exercises. The other premium content can also be checked out ahead of time by looking in the library section, so you don't buy it and get confused because of preconceptions. No better place to get read to get your gains than here Aliens!


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Customized | As unique as yourself.

With thousands of drills and recipes always available on our database, you can choose and do what works for you.

Convenience | No fuss - so you can focus.

You can create a personalized workout routine with whatever equipment you have, and however long you want.

Control | Your body, your rules.

Exerprise understands that you can’t be boxed in a one-size-fits-all workout and diet routine.

Greatness requires consistency.

And just a few minutes a day.

EXERPRISE will help you find a way to be healthy.

With EXERPRISE, you can generate workouts that could be as short as 10-15 mins!

15 minutes of exercise a day is enough to:

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Regulate Weight

When you're active for at least 15 minutes a day, your body burns calories that otherwise would have been stored as fat.

Increase Energy

Physical activity promotes blood flow all over your body for cell repair, tissue growth, and energy production.

Strengthen Bones

Bones weaken over time, but strength training can help slow, or may even reverse the symptoms of bone aging.

Reduce Back Pains

Consistent physical activity relieves stiff back muscles. It also promotes good posture and overall body balance.

Promote Better Sleep

Moderate aerobic exercise promotes longer durations of slow-wave sleep or deep sleep, where the brain and the body actually rejuvenate.

Improve Sex Endurance

Apart from a lower risk of erectile problems, regular physical exercise is linked to improved sexual function and greater satisfaction for both sexes.

Workout Generator

Meal Prep Generator

Workout Timer

Exercise Library

Equipment Selector

Calorie Calculator

Recipe Screen

Meal Plan Summary

Follow Along Workout

Join the MOVEment.

Thousands of users around the world use EXERPRISE to eat healthy and remain active.

Only my first day with the app. Not looking for nutritional coaching yet, just an exercise generator. I liked the 5 min kettlebell workouts on YouTube, so I thought I'd try it out. I like the customization options so far. Thanks to the developers and owners for the content.


Timothy Richardson


The app gives you the option, to choose your muscle group, your reps and sets or intervals in your workout routine. You’re also given the option of equipment you’d like to use including just body weight and the length of time you want your workout to be. You can even replace or switch out certain exercises in the sequence. Above all this app is user friendly, has a fantastic variety of movements , and gives you complete control over your workout.




Great app. Great workouts. I'm actually thinking about paying for the premium version. One thing for the developer, the back category mainly shows workouts for middle back and lats. Can you add another category for lower back exercises? That would make the app so much more complete.


Edward Mikolajczak


Seriously this app makes it so easy to workout! No more planning or over thinking what you want to do or what you can do. Don’t have weights? No problem. Only have dumbbells? No problem. Want to use a bar? No problem. Want to mix it up with different body parts and cardio but want variety? No problem! Seriously just pick what you have ( weights, time, body part you want to work and intervals) and bam! Instant workout! And each time is different!


Chelsea Tucson


We will get you results.

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